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Trans-Mississippi Civil War
Title Author Cover New/
A Civil War Guerrilla Goes on Trial Eakin SC New 5.50
"Absolom Grimes, Confederate Mailrunner" Bartels SC New 16.95
Alias Charley Hart Harris SC New 3.50
Anna -A Civil War Story Lowe SC New 12.95
Ark Conf Deaths Union Prisons & Hospitals '61-'65 Bartels SC New 9.00
Arkansas Civil War Engagements Bartels SC New 4.50
Artilleryman's War Ingrisano SC New 24.95
Babe of the Company Watts SC New 4.50
Battle of Blackwater River Eakin SC New 5.50
"Battle of Glasgow, Mo" Denny SC New 4.50
"Battle of Independence, Mo" Eakin SC New 13.95
"Battle of Lexington (1903 Account, reprint) " LHA SC New 10.00
"Battle of Lone Jack, Mo" Eakin SC New 14.95
Battle of Rock Creek Eakin SC New 4.00
Battle of the Blue Bartels SC New 12.95
Battle of Wilson's Creek Bartels SC New 4.50
Bevier's List of Survivors Bevier SC New 4.50
Bevier's First and Second Bevier HC New 24.95
Bitter Tears Bartels SC New 13.95
Black Flag Goodrich HC As New 24.95
Bleeding Kansas Litteer SC New 4.98
Bloody Bill Anderson Castel/Goodrich HC New 24.95
Bloody Dawn Goodrich SC New 16.00
Bloody Hill Brooksher SC New 24.95
Hale& Eakin SC New 35.00
Bushwhackers of the Border (2000ed) Brophy SC New 9.95
Camp Jackson -History Mo Volunteer Militia of St. Louis Henderson SC New 9.00
Chronicles of the Civil War in Monroe County Farthing SC New 10.95
"Civil War and Reconstruction in Independence, Mo " Hale SC New 4.50
"Civil War Battle of Fredericktown, Mo" Ponder SC New 10.00
Civil War Battle of Lexington Missouri Gillespie SC New 9.95
Civil War Guerilla Goes on Trial Eakin SC New 4.00
Civil War in Indian Territory Steele SC New 9.95
Civil War in Missouri Day by Day 1861-1865 Bartles SC New 21.95
Civil War in the Ozarks Steele SC New 9.95
"Civil War and Reconstruction in Independence, Mo " Hale SC New 6.00
Civil War Story of Bloody Bill Anderson Wood SC New 22.95
Civil War in Texas and New Mexico Steele SC New 9.95
Civil War in Western Territories Colton SC New 15.95
Civil War Military Prisoners Sent to Mo. St. Pen. Eakin SC New 5.50
Civil War on the Western Border 1854-1865 Monaghan SC New 16.00
Civil War Stories of Missouri Bartels SC New 14.95
Civil War Union Military Post Returns From Mo Eakin SC New 15.00
Clay County Missouri: The Civil War Years Bartels SC New 9.00
"Conf. Army Trans-Miss Order Book Vol I, II" Bartels SC New 47.00
Confederate Vetern Volume II 1894 The National Historical Society HC New 25.00
Confederate Vetern Volume III 1895 The National Historical Society HC New 25.00
Copperheads, Black Republicans and Bushwhackers, Pike County, IL and the Civil War Waggoner SC Used 24.95
Damned Yankee Phillips HC Used 12.95
Damned Yankee Phillips SC Used 26.00
Dark Friday Pollard HC New 16.95
"Diary of a Doctor Missouri State Guards, 1861" Eakin SC New 6.50
Failed Ambition Tom Juwett SC New 15.00
Fifth Season-Gen Jo Shelby's Great Raid of '63 Scott SC New 12.95
Fight for Missouri Snead SC New 16.95
"Fighters & Survivors(CW Gentry Cty, Mo)" Robertson SC New 21.50
Following the Fifth Kansas Cavalry The Roster Fry SC New 19.50
Following The Fifth Kansas Cavalry: The Letters Fry SC New 19.50
Forgotten Men Bartels SC New 32.95
Forgotten Valor Farley SC New 32.95
Frontier State at War KS 1861 - 1865 Castel SC New 15.95
General Jo Shelby O'Flaherty SC New 18.95
General Sterling Price and the Civil War in the West Castel SC New 20.95
"Gettysburg of the West, The Battle of Westport" Lee SC New 19.95
"Glasgow presents 'The Battle of Glasgow' a Maximum Event Civil War Reenactment, August 4 & 5, 2001, souvenir booklet Glasgow Chamber of Commerce SC Used 8.00
Gray Ghosts of the Confederacy Brownlee SC New 19.95
Half Not Told Filbert SC New 26.95
History of the 15th Missouri Cavalry Regiment Ponder SC New 10.95
History of the 1st & 2nd Missouri Confederate Brigades Bevier SC New 27.95
I Acted From Principle(Trans-Miss Medical) Pitcock SC New 34.95
In the Devil's Dominions Porter SC New 14.95
In the Footsteps of Blue & Grey (Civil War Research) Brown SC New 26.95
Index to Noted Guerillas Eakin SC New 4.00
Iowa Boy Makes Good Bartels SC New 9.50
Jackson County and the Civil War Hale SC New 6.00
Jennison's Jayhawkers Starr SC New 16.95
Jesse James and The Civil War Dyer SC New 9.95
Jim Cummins' Book Cummins SC New 12.95
John T. Hughes - From His Pen Duncan SC New 12.95
Johnson County Missouri in the Civil War Nichols SC New 12.95
Kansas and Kansans in the Civil War Fry SC New 13.00
Kansans in the 60's Crawford SC New 22.95
Knights of the Bush & Other Conf.of Vernon Co. Brophy SC New 5.00
Last Long Mile Bartels SC New 14.95
Letter and Order Book (Mo. State Guard)) McGhee SC New 10.95
Life and Times of John Brown Litteer SC New 4.98
Little Archie Hale SC New 8.95
Little Gods--Union Provost Marshalls in Mo 1861-1865 Eakin SC New 15.95
Lyon Campaign Ware SC New 24.95
Making of a Missouri Rebel Eakin SC New 6.50
Man Who Wouldn't Surrender Bartels SC New 8.95
Men of the Eleventh, signed with inscription Schnetzer SC New 13.95
Men of the Tenth, signed with inscription Schnetzer SC New 13.95
Military Forces in Mo McGhee SC New 5.95
Missouri Amnesty Bartels SC New 22.00
Missouri Civil War Engagments 1861-1865 Bartels SC New 4.50
Missouri Civil War Misc. Hale SC New 24.95
Missouri Conf. Surrender Shreveport & New Orleans May 1865 Bartels SC New 11.00
Missouri Confederate Deaths Union Prisons & Hospitals Bartels SC New 6.00
Missouri Confederate Pensions 1913 Bartels SC New 9.00
Missouri Confederate Reports Eakin SC New 29.95
Missouri Officers and Gentlemen Bartels SC New 6.00
Missouri Prisoners of War Eakin SC New 25.00
Missouri State Guard Bartels SC New 32.95
"Missouri's Confederate, Clairborne Fox Jackson" Phillips SC New 29.95
"Monroe County, Missouri, the War Years" Farthing SC New 10.95
Noted Guerillas (HC) Edwards SC New 34.95
Official Military History of Kansas Regiments Burke HC New 40.00
Old Time Cooking for Home & Campfire Vol.I FOA SC New 7.50
Old Time Cooking for Home & Campfire Vol.II FOA SC New 7.50
Order #11 Tears and TurMoil Eakin SC New 12.95
Order#11 Booklet Eakin SC New 2.50
Pea Ridge The Sacrifice Bartels SC New 9.00
Pilot Knob the TherMopylae of the West Peterson SC New 16.95
Quantrill Celebrates Wash.'s Birthday at Indep.-1862 Schnetzer SC New 3.50
Quantrill Letters Eakin SC New 6.00
Quantrill's Company & List of Misc. Records& Warrants Issued After Lawrence Eakin SC New 6.00
Quantrill's Raiders Brownlee/Breihan SC New 4.50
Quantrill's Scattered Bones Montana SC New 8.50
Quantrill's War, The Life and Times of William Clarke Quantrill, First Edition Schultz HC As New 24.95
"Rain, Mud and Swamps" Scheel SC New 24.95
Rebel Invasion of Mo/KS Hinton HC New 40.00
Recollections of a Pioneer Gibson SC New 12.95
Recollections of Quantrill's Guerillas Eakin SC New 11.00
Reluctant Cannoneer Banasik SC New 20.00
Reunion in Death-Gravesites of Quantrill's Men Hansen SC New 24.95
Reunion in Death Hansen HC New 45.00
Roster of Missouri Confederate Soldiers Bartels SC New 11.00
Service With the Missouri State Guard McGhee SC New 10.00
Serving with Honor Banasik SC New 19.95
Shades of Gray--Conf.Soldiers&Veterans of RandolphCo.Mo Block SC New 14.00
Shelby and His Men Edwards SC New 37.50
Shelby's Exhibition to Mexico Edwards HC New 29.95
Skirmish at Island Mound. Mo Tabor SC New 9.00
Splendors and Horrors (Prairie Grove) Eakin SC New 14.95
Stand Watie and the First Confederate Cherokees Bartels SC New 9.75
Stoddard Grays, Confederate Soldiers of Stoddard County, MO 1861-1865 McGhee & Mayo SC New 11.50
Suitable Subjects for Shooting Schnetzer SC New 12.95
Suppressing Rebellion-The 7th Mo State Militia Cavalry Regiment in the Civil War Scrivner SC New 21.50
Terror at the Door (fiction) Shultz SC New 9.95
They Called Him Bloody Bill Hale SC Used 75.00
Three Years With Quantrill Barton SC New 14.95
Three Years With Quantrill Barton HC As New 35.00
Trans-Mississippi Men at War: Missouri Bartels SC New 32.95
True Face of Sue Mundy Williams SC New 3.25
True Tales of Civil War in Missouri Bartels SC New 14.95
Under the Black Flag Harris SC New 3.50
Union Indian Brigade in the Civil War Britton SC New 55.00
Union Military Post Returns Eakin SC New 15.00
Up From Arkansas Goman SC New 14.50
Voice of the Swamp Fox (Jeff Thompson) McGhee SC New 11.00
Volunteer's Handbook of 1861 Lee SC New 9.95
War to the Knife Goodrich SC New 29.95
Warren Welch Remembers Eakin SC New 4.50
We Rode with Quantrill, signed Hale SC Used 75.00
William Clarke Quantrill Castel SC New 17.95
William Clarke Quantrill Litteer SC New 4.98
William Clarke Quantrill Reunions Hale SC New 27.95

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